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  • Melodoro

    A pomodoro app built with React and styled components. This project focuses on micro interactions and how web based animations can make using UI playful and fun.

  • Austin cold

    In Febuary of 2021, Texas froze as three simultaneous winter storms relentlessly attacked the state for days. Worked with a team of 3 within 5 hours to create a site to direct traffic for donations, supplies, and help. The site helped raise over $1.5 million dollars, found hotels for over 400 freezing homeless, and found food for 3000+ hungry souls.

  • Castle wars

    Created a two player castle war game based off a the classic Castle wars 2 flash game. The site uses Vue for the front-end framework and cloudinary to host the images and icons.

  • Learn framer motion

    Developed and designed a single page blog for a Framer motion talk. The site teaches you about the basics of framer motion. Utilized GatsbyJS and React live to showcase live coding examples.